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What days of the week does the van run?
The van runs:
Tuesday and Thursday during the first and second weeks of the month
Monday and Wednesday during the third and fourth weeks of the month

The van never runs of Fridays. If there is a fifth week in a month, the van usually does not run during the fifth week. It is best to contact the transportation coordinator to make sure. Call 321-0614, leave your name and number, and someone will return your call.

There must be 2 or more passengers for the van to run. The van can transport up to 7 passengers.

Why doesn't the van run every day? I have appointments on days the van does not run.
There are two basic reasons the van does not run every day:
  1. The cost of gas makes in too expensive to run the van for just one or two people.
  2. The van has nearly 500,000 miles on it, already. We are using it as often as we feel is practical. A new van is scheduled for delivery in the spring of 2007.
If you have appointments on days the van does not run, you can contact the VA hospital and request that the appointments be changed to days the van runs. Otherwise, you will have to arrange for your own transportation.

Why do I need to schedule my appointments between 10 AM and 2 PM?
We allow our volunteer drivers 2 1/2 hours to drive to the Asheville VA and 2 1/2 hours to return home. This means the van must have picked up all passengers, often in three communities, and be ready to depart for the VA by 8:30 AM. The problem is simply a matter of time and distance.

My doctor has ordered lab work and I need to be at the VA 2 hours before my 10 AM appointment to get my lab work done. Will the van take me that early?
If you are the only passenger scheduled for that day, and if we can locate a driver willing to depart that early, we will provide transportation. If there are other passengers who have appointments between 10 AM and 2 PM, we probably will not be able to take you.

I can't drive. My cousin lives in another city and the DAV van picks him up at his house. Will the van come pick me up at my home?
Unfortunately, no. Again, it is a matter of time and distance. We cannot offer home pick-up to some and not to everyone. An exception may be if the van, on its normal run to the VA, goes right in front of your home. In this case, we would probably pick you up there.

Can I ride the van if I am going only one way, either to or from the VA hospital?
Yes. If you have a regularly scheduled appointment, you may ride the van even though you are not returning on the van. If you have been in the hospital overnight and need a ride home, you may ride the next time the van makes its run, if there is space on the van to add you in. The van will not make a special trip to the hospital to pick you up.

I have a concern about one of the volunteer van drivers. Who can I talk to about my concern?
Talk to your local Transportation Coordinator. If you still need to speak with someone, or if you have a concern about the Transportation Coordinator, call the Asheville VA at 800-932-6408, ext. 5349, and speak with the DAV Service Officer, or ask the VA operator to connect you to Voluntary Services. Your safety and comfort are of primary concern to us, so please do not hesitate to discuss concerns with us. Of course, we also welcome your compliments when your drivers do a good job!

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