February 2, 2005         6:56 A.M.
8 Pounds, 15 Ounces
20.5 Inches
James and Pamela Hansen Holloway

Baptized February 3, 2005
by Rev. Daniel L. Crockett
with James Holloway, father, Pamela Carman, grandmother,
and Kathy Ethridge, family friend, in attendance

Dr. Leslie Leigh and Dr. Danni Suskin

In the early morning hours of February 2, 2005, Andrew's future appeared bright.
He was kicking and squirming inside his mother and making a valiant effort to enter our world.
Sometime, in the hour before his birth, things went terribly wrong.
Andrew was without oxygen for an extended period of time.
Oxygen deprivation began a chain of reactions that created additional problems.

Finally, Andrew was delivered by C-section, but the damage to his little body is irreparable.
This is hard for us to grasp, because he looks so normal.
He is a beautiful little boy who looks like, at any moment, he will awaken from his sleep and
demand the attention we so desperately want to give him.

Since birth, Andrew has been on life support in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of our
local hospital. Wonderful people have cared for him and they have shed many tears with,
and for, us. For reasons we do not fully understand, Andrew will not get well.

Tomorrow, Sunday, February 6th, Andrew will be transferred to another hospital where he
can be evaluated by equipment not available at his birth hospital. We still have hope that his tests
will show some miracle at work, but the reality is that they are expected to confirm what we
have already begun to accept... that Andrew has already left us.

What a miracle this little boy has been! From California to Maryland, prayers have been offered
for this precious baby. From mosques, temples and churches. From strangers and friends.
People who had ongoing disagreements set aside their differences and came together to grieve
and comfort each other. In the midst of this tragedy, we have witnessed more human kindness and compassion than we could have imagined existed.

We asked for a miracle. We received several. They might not have been the miracle we wanted,
but they were the miracles we got. And we are grateful.

February 7, 2005

The results of Andrew's EEG and CT scan show that he has no brain activity. For the family,
this is both sad, and comforting, news. We now know that Andrew has left us, but we also know
that he is not suffering. He will be removed from his machines within the next few days.

When arrangements are complete, information will be posted here and driving directions
will also be posted. We ask your continued prayers for the family, and your blessings for all those
who have been so supportive.

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