February 2, 2005         6:56 A.M.
8 Pounds, 15 Ounces
20.5 Inches
James and Pamela Hansen Holloway

Baptized February 3, 2005
by Rev. Daniel L. Crockett
with James Holloway, father, Pamela Carman, grandmother,
and Kathy Ethridge, family friend, in attendance

Dr. Leslie Leigh and Dr. Danni Suskin

As many of you know, this web site was designed
weeks in advance so that, when Andrew arrived,
we could fill in the blanks quickly and begin sharing our joy
with those of you who are distant from us.

Things went wrong.
Andrew will be with us for only a brief time.
We debated the correctness of launching this site.
But then, the calls began to pour in: "We are so sorry.
We were prepared to share your joy,
but loving friends will want to share your grief.
Please, keep Andrew's pages up."

And so we have. Click here to read Andrew's story.

Andrew's Poems